How do I install C1Styles on Capture One?


Installing Capture One Styles is very easy.

The C1Styles are provided as a standard .zip file. Once you’ve downloaded the file, just decompress it and it will create a folder with the C1Style name.


After that, you have to options.  


You can import the styles directly from Capture One

Start Capture One and open “Styles and Presets” tab.

Open the drop down menu and choose “Import“.

On the new window, just navigate to the folder where you uncompressed the files and select the styles you want to install.

Then, press import and you’re done.



If you want to keep your Styles organised, you can import the styles in the folders to keep them separated.



On Apple Macintosh systems, simply drag this complete folder to Home Account > Library > Application Support > Capture One > Styles.

If you can’t find the Library folder,  Option-click the Go Menu in the Finder and choose Library.



On Windows XP systems, simply drag this folder to UserLocal SettingsApplication DataCaptureOneStyles50

On more recent Windows systems, this can be found at Users<username>AppDataLocalCaptureOneStyles50


Is the payment Secure?

All our payments are processed via paypal. 

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You can use your paypal account, or, if you don’t have one, simply use paypal interface with your credit card. The same level of secure payment applies.

It’s easy, fast and secure.

Is the download instant?

Our products will be ready for you in no time. As soon as you finish your order, the C1Styles will be in your inbox, ready for you to use.

You don’t need to wait or delay your workflow. Just download, install and you’re ready to keep pushing your images to the next level.